Sheregesh, popular winter sports resort for snowboarding and skiing.


    Sheregesh is a urban locality (an urban-type settlement) in Tashtagolsky District of Kemerovo Oblast, Russia. Population: 10,173 (2010 Census); 10,371 (2002 Census); 9,553 (1989 Census). Postal code: 652971.

    It is named after brothers Sheregeshevy, who struck iron ore in 1912. Previously known for its mining industry, it is now a popular winter sports resort where thousands of tourists, mainly from Siberia, go every winter for snowboarding and skiing. As a rule, the tourist season lasts from November till March.

    The climate of Sheregesh is continental: winters are usually cold and snowy; summers are short and chilly. The snow mantle reaches four meters.

    Hello to all fans of the ski slopes! Our Ride smile was very positive, so that there will be only positive feedback from a number and prices.

    So, we start his Barnaul train at 21.15 (Rubtsovsk - Novokuznetsk). Plattskart cost us 290 rubles, the tickets were taken 4 hours prior to the train and the place were all the top, not the side. We were three. In the 3 than the profits to Novokuznetsk and sat down to wait the bus, forgetting that there is train. Remembered and went to see the schedule just for a moment before her departure, after a 5-minute discussion will have time or not, we decided to go for a run and the last nearly pinched doors. Then smile a little more than 4 hours of sound sleep, stretched out everyone on the bench and we go out into the condom. Hold on to the guys who have come here not for the first time, go to the bus stop to get to Sheregesh. To 11 rubles each, and after half an hour, about 12 go down to the land of Shor. smile Our mediator, which we called on Friday for a couple of hours ago and did not answer. It's okay we quickly calculates and puts another couple of offers for 1200. This naturally much, and why do we need four-bedroom cottage. Talking and maximum 800 dvushka us completely satisfied. Option of course is quickly found and we selimsya in excellent apartment in a house opposite the shop, "Comfort". The apartment has two large beds, a TV, two chairs, a microwave and all you need for the full stay. smile Give her the money in two days and my passport. Call up to the bathroom, to make an advance. Agreed on Saturday at 21:00 on Friday. And quickly take a taxi, pay the standard 70 rubles, and on the slope. Had only 3 hours to ride, because lifts are open until 17. Took a 3 or 4 climbing 80 rubles. Tried and loved it! smile evening in a bathhouse with a beer and a rest home tomorrow to skate full day. The rise at 7:30, got up at 8:00 smile, had breakfast, and again at the taxi rides. Each took on the loan, plus $ 100 600 rubles. deposit for the card. It was a bright sunny day, not a lot of people, so that the lines do not have to stand on the side and completely free. A fairy tale! smile Monday to leave the train at 23:55 from Novokuzntska. We decided to go more in the morning to 16 and then go. Passed the apartment in the early tenth, took all the stuff and put into storage chamber on the side of 50 rubles for a place, there were two places, that is, gave $ 100. smile At the top of the Green after a couple of runs to warm up, took delivery of 500 rubles to the cross on snowmobiles. There sfotkayte and rolled down untouched virgin morning. Snowmobiles to wait for us on the ground running and threw on Muztagh. With whom is the untouched pow, we went down. An unforgettable impression! smile Since rolling! Now go home, take a taxi from the slope going straight to the bus stop to Tashtagol. We sit down and go out at the bus station. Bus tickets ran out at 18:00, and the next at 19:40. But that's OK, the cashier explained what to do and we are several other tourists get up a little further forwards, and, although standing but go to Novokuznetsk. Travel time to a little over 3 hours. The cost of 110 rubles. Train to Barnaul situation with the tickets was a little better and have 4 tickets for side seats to 320 rubles, 30 rubles taken for insurance. At 6:35 in Barnaul and move back home to sleep.

    If you go this way, do not repeat our mistakes and resolve the issue with the tickets in advance!

    As a result, we obtain (for one person): fare there: 290 (train) + 70 (train) + 11 (bus) = 360 rubles. B: two days for 800 rubles. Triple = 530 rubles. fare back: 11 (bus) + 110 (bus) + 320 (train) = 440 rubles.

    Chairs: 80 rubles - one lift on weekends (kreselki). 60 rubles - one lift on weekdays. 600 rubles - day pass from 9 to 17 (there is also the yoke left kreselki).

    Alexey Nikolaev - organizer snouketskiinga. Skate skiing more than 15 years. The first teacher - Dima Lementuev. From the first days of skiing prefers Freeride. Worked as a guide in Krasnaya Polyana, where he lived for almost 4 years. Working together with our European colleagues to allow him a different look at Freeride. Alex participated in two Russian championships freeride Krasnaya Polyana, 2008, where he took 7th place in the Elbrus - 6 th place. Gesh began acquiring thirteen years ago and saw a lot of nooks freeride "second Switzerland."

    Alex, what is the route Viktorevka where you're casting a rider? On snowmobiles, we are thrown into a group of Valley Viktorevka, which originates from the highest peak of the ridge Mustag. Its height is 1570m above sea level. Mountains in Sheregesh relatively low, so the ride from the highest peak - is important plus for many riders. Ride, of course, not only from the vertex, and even with other, less high, but no less interesting slopes.

    How much time takes snouketskiing? Before we get into snowcat (snouket), we have to travel the path, already at 18 kilometers. Sheregesh of an organized group we leave at 8.30., In 30-40 minutes, sit in a snowcat. It does not take an hour as we are on top of the first descent. The program is designed for the entire daytime. From 8.30. to 15.30. or 16.30 - it all depends on the season. It is desirable to be booked in advance - snowcat only hold 13 people.

    How complex freeride in Viktorevki? There is absolutely free ride! Slopes from 15 to 30-35 degrees. Elevation of 200 to 700m. Rider must be confident to ride on the virgin snow.

    How did the idea snouketskiinga in Mountain Shoria? My friends and I started to work with heliski. However, after working with helicopter Getting realized that this way of riding very ogranichen.V first place - is the weather, and the second - with the cost of these programs. And not everyone can feel comfortable in a helicopter. Thoughts of a more accessible and inexpensive way to getting to the mountain appeared long ago, but foreign colleagues have come up faster and faster, so we had no choice but to repeat the idea of "snouketa." Generally in Sheregesh before we were taken to the snowcat group, we just decided to address this issue more thoroughly.

    Carefully - it's like? I have already said that we dovozili group to start - top of the ridge Mustag. Riders should think about Soul Plane skating, and not how to get to free-ride. This is what we assume. In addition, the program includes: 6-8 descents from getting to the snowmobiles, two guides who accompany the group. We issue a beacon and explain how to use the devices. The price includes lunch-box (sandwiches, dried fruit, chocolate, tea, mineral water).

    But what actually do the guides? Why pay for their services? After Viktorevku usually choose experienced riders ... When I started the guide, I thought, "That's great - all day ride! And the more money you pay! "However, the illusion vanished and opened" homespun truth of life. " It turned out, the guides get up early, meet the group, say that awaits riders today (weather, slopes, avalanche danger ...), are given to all participants of the program beacon, explain how to use it, check out their performance, while watching the snow riding situation, choose the appropriate route Group level, warning of possible dangers. With all of this free, ride (in understanding the guide) does not work. In the evening, it is important to resist the temptation to "Sing-peysya", because in the morning you have to be in good shape.

    In your opinion, what is the most popular route in Mountain Shoria riders? Hereby riders want to find Geshe slopes longer, so often go walking or riding a snowmobile to roll down "raspberry fields" or top of the mound, next to the "cross". I think the most popular route - a "cross", because there is easily accessible, safe descent. But Viktorevka, I think, more interesting, so too has its admirers.

    Hotels in Sheregesh:

    Hotel «Golden Palace» is located in the village of Sheregesh 1 km from the Green Mountains. Includes two exclusive eco-friendly residence, with a modern design. Rooms: 3hetazhnyh two houses, each for 8 DOS. places and 4 extra bed

    Guest house "blizzard" is between the village and the mountain Sheregesh Green (15-20 minutes walk), 1 km away from the foot. Comfortable, cozy guest house, recreation-oriented families. Total capacity: 14 osn.mest Rooms: 2hetazhny house with 6 rooms, chalets 1etazhnoe

    Hotel «Laska» (ex-"The Rock") is located on a gentle hill station Green, next to the hotel "Aquilon". Rooms: Luxury suite with a kitchen, double standard, double standard, double standard, economy.

    Hotel "Serebro" is located in the village of Sheregesh 500 meters from the Green Mountains. Two-story hotel with a basement room, chalet-style, a bit of French in Sheregesh Courchevel. Rooms: 2hetazhny cottage 6 rooms.

    Hotel "AlpenHof" is located on a mountainside green. Built in Savoyard chalet style, the interior of which has a distinctive charm and luxury. Rooms: the hotel "Alpen Hof": 5 Standard rooms, 7 studios and 2 rooms category "suite." In the wing 3 numbers of the first category.

    Hotel "Ace Club" at the bottom of the hill, near the cottage hotel "Texas" and bowling "Diesel", has its own exit to the highway Tomichka, two minutes from the gondola lift Sky Way. Types of rooms of the hotel "Club Ice": Non-class economy, standard, suite. Each room includes: beds, table, chairs, toilet, sink and shower.

    Hotel "Aquilon" is located in the village of Mountain Shoria Sheregesh on a gentle green hill area to the left of the hotel "Muztagh." Rooms: 3-storey hotel is designed for 29 rooms (60 beds). Hotel "Aquilon" is one of the most spacious on the mountain village green. Sheregesh.

    Alpen Club hotel complex includes a complex of buildings in the alpine style at the foot of the village green Sheregesh. All rooms have large windows. Beds are equipped with orthopedic mattresses. Rooms: The hotel complex is targeted at 74 major sites, 44 additional.

    The hotel "Den" is located in the village. Sheregesh located on a gentle green hill station, next to the hotel "Aquilon". A total of 25 rooms. The hotel has a restaurant, a sauna, ski storage. Rooms: The hotel "Den" - 4-storey hotel with 25 rooms: 13 "standard" 2 rooms "standard +", 4 "standard + +", 1 "standard max», two "luxury" and two "luxury + ". C / y, shower, satellite. TV in every room.

    Hotel "Vertical" is located in the village. Sheregesh on the lower section of the mountainside Green (first line) to the left from the main road next to the tow cable car just above the hotel "Sport Hotel". Rooms: Hotel "Vertical" (Sheregesh): 14 rooms (5 rooms "luxury" 3 rooms "studio", 2 rooms "junior" 2 rooms "standard +" number one "standard" number one "extreme + ").

    Hotel "Victoria" is located in the village of Sheregesh, 4 km from the Green Mountains at corner. Gagarin, 33. Distance to the nearest shops 30 meters to the taxi rank - 100 meters. Rooms: comfortable wooden house consists of 5 spacious rooms with a maximum capacity of 24 people (18 + major places 6 extra).

    Hotel "Voyage" is in the village. Sheregesh Shoria in Mountain, located near the landing site for the lifts, windows of the rooms you can enjoy scenic views of the track. Events & "Voyage": 2 room "suite", 12 standard rooms.

    New comfortable hotel 4hetazhny "Greenberg" (opening year of 2011) is located between the village and the mountain Sheregesh Green, 300 meters from the cable car landing SkyWay. The center of the ski - more than a kilometer. The hotel is in a quiet, secluded area near the forest. Events & "Greenberg": 1 Economy, 8 Standards Standard 1 +, 2 + + Standard, 2 triple standard, 2-bedroom suite. 33 major areas, 13 additional.

    Gryunhof hotel is in the village at the foot of Mount Sheregesh Green. Located next to the hotels "Siberia", "Provincial", the entertainment complex opposite the "Ice Age." Rooms: The hotel is a five storey building (only 41 rooms).

    Hotel "Provincial" is located at the foot of green, in the area of ski resort Mustag, settlement Sheregesh at the lower station of the lift section A. Rooms: 18 rooms, apartments, suites, junior suites, standard. The hotel provides 36 basic and 19 additional seats. Each room features beds with orthopedic mattresses, mini-bar, satellite TV, shower.

    Hotel "Elena" is situated at the foot of the green, 20 meters from the ski slopes. Hotel guests will have VIP-privileges in the ski industry. Types of rooms of the hotel "Elena": 12 comfortable rooms, each room is: c / a, TV (satellite), telephone, VCR, DVD, carpet, alarm system, safe, slippers, hair dryer, bathrobe.

    Hotel "Winter" is in 4 km from the village on the slopes of Sheregesh Green, next to the entertainment center of "Ice Age" and not far from the hotel "Freestyle 2" and lifts. Types of rooms of the hotel "Winter": 2-bed, 3-bed, suite. Each room includes: beds, wardrobe, TV, tables, crockery, bathroom with shower.

    Hotel "Iris" is in the main street of the village Sheregesh, 3 km from the ski resort "Muztagh" and 7 km from the hotel "Bear." Rooms: 2-bedroom 2-bed room "Suite", 1-room 2-bed room "Standard", 1-room 2-bed apartment room "Standard" category 1, 1-room 2 -bed room apartment "Standard" 2 categories.

    Hotel "Cedar" is located in the village. Sheregesh (Mountain Shoria) at the foot of green between the "Sporthotel" and hotel "Freestyle". Types of rooms of the hotel "Cedar": 4-storey building (the second and attic floors are decorated with cedar wood) holds 34 core and 15 additional seats.

    Hotel "Chia" is 4 km from the village Sheregesh (Mountain Shoria), the ski complex "Muztagh" next to the hotel "Cedar" and hotel "Vertical". Types of rooms Hotel Kia 4-storey building with 15 rooms (28 main and 28 additional. Places). 5 standard, 4 junior suites, 4 family rooms, 1 deluxe studio, one-bedroom apartment suite.

    Hotel "Kuzbass" at the bottom of the Green Mountains, next to the hotel "Laska". Types of rooms of the hotel "Kuzbass": One single "standard", one-room double "standard" in the block, one-room single "standard" in the block, two-room "suite" (the arch), two-room "suite" (with door).

    Hotel "Lapland" is located on the hill at the foot of the Green slopes. The hotel is well suited for families. Types of rooms of the hotel "Lapland": 1-room 2-bed room "Standard", 2-room 2-bed room "Junior", 2-storey 2-bed room "Lux".

    Hotel "Blizzard" (former U Petrovich) located at the entrance to the resort village Sheregesh, next to the hotel "Shoriya." The hotel is located on the first floor of an apartment house at paragraph Sheregesh st. Gagarin 4. Types of rooms of the hotel "Blizzard": 1standart, 4 junior suites, 1 suite. Capacity - up to 25 people.

    Hotel "Muztagh" is located in the central part of the ski resort "Muztagh," in the immediate vicinity of the landing station of the lift, with 50 seats. Built in 2005. Types of rooms of the hotel "Muztagh": well-maintained building, one "big suite", one "small luxury", 1 three two-room, 13 double rooms.

    Hotel Complex "Olga" is located in the village. Sheregesh on a gentle green hill station. The main advantage - a convenient location close to the slopes. Rooms: Luxury 2-bed, 2-bed standard, standard 3-bed, 3-bed Turklass, Turklass four-seater.

    Hotel "Paradise" is: Sheregesh village, on the road, at the entrance to the Green Mountain, 1000 meters to the foot of Green, 600 m to the first lift. Types of rooms of the hotel "Paradise": luxury - 1, standard - 4, turklass - 4, the maximum number of seats - 40. Each room includes: beds, sofas, TV, cabinets, shelves for clothing.

    Hotel "The Inn" is located 1 km from the ski lift on Mount Sky Way Green, next to the road leading to the ski resort Sheregesh, in a forested area with clean air. Types fondgostinitsy "The Inn": 2 chalets: 12 and 16 seats

    Hotel "Russian hut" is on the center line of the slope, near the main ski area. You can practically ski wear at the entrance and descend directly to the landing site on the lift. Hotel room fund "Russian hut": standard 2-seater, standard 3-bed; mansanda "Lux" (new building), standard 2-seater (new building).

    Hotel "Siberia" is in the village Sheregesh Gagarin Street, 2-b. Types of rooms of the hotel "Siberia": hotel with 9 rooms, sauna, parking for 60 cars, a car wash, warm garages for 8 cars.

    Hotel "Siberia" is located at the entrance to the Green Mountain. Types of rooms of the hotel "Siberia": 2-storey hotel with 8 rooms. Studio "Junior (large)", one-room "Junior (middle)", one-room "Junior (small)", one-room "Standard +", one-room "Standard".

    Hotel "Skyway" is located on a hillside in the Green ski resort "Skyway" to the left of the cable cars. Types of rooms of the hotel "Skyway": 2 + suites, 2 suites, 2 studios, 3 standard, 12 standard +, 6 + + standards, attic. Each room has telephone, TV, mini-bar, electronic door locks and card. Bathrooms - A set of 4 towels for each guest, and a set of tools for hygiene.

    Hotel complex "Sporthotel" is in line with the "Russian hut" on the left of the cable cars. The complex consists of 2 buildings "Sporthotel-1" and "Sporthotel-2" and "Sporthotel-Lower House". Types of rooms of the hotel "Sporthotel": Attic room, standard and deluxe. In each room: TV, shower, toilet, hairdryer.

    Hotel "Telbes" is located at the foot of the village green Sheregesh near ski complex "Muztagh." Types of rooms of the hotel "Telbes": standard rooms +, + + standard, guest house. Each room includes: bed, sofa, or two sofas, a TV, fridge, kettle, bathroom.

    Hotel "Texas" is located near the training track and bowling Tomsk. Types of rooms of the hotel "Texas": standard rooms: in a cottage on the bath and the rooms above the cafe'. Each room has a bed, television, toilet, sink and shower.

    Hotel "Tyrolean guest house" is located to the right of the "Russian house". Has a favorable position relative to the ski slopes. Possible, leaving the hotel, put on skis and descend directly to the landing site on the lift. Types of rooms of the hotel "Tyrolean guest house": 2,3,4 floors - residential. 13 standard double rooms, 4 bedroom suites, 1 family room, 1 suite, 2 studios.

    Hotel "Finish" is in the end rollout, the upper floors there is a cafe. Opened in 2009. Entrance to the cafe by the banks Shoria tour, rent and hotels - from the chair lift "Shoria tour." Types of rooms of the hotel "Finish": 8 turklassa rooms, toilet and shower - 2 rooms. Each room has a bed, a table, TV.

    Hotel "Freestyle - 1.2" is on the center line of the slope, near the main ski area, next to the "Russian hut", a little higher up the slope. Types of rooms of the hotel "Freestyle - 1.2": standard rooms, junior suites, suites, lodge. Each room has a bed, TV, shower, toilet, sink.

    Hotel "Shoriya" is located directly at the road leading to the ski resort "Muztagh" (about 4 km), near the bus stop. Types of rooms of the hotel "Shoriya": standard rooms, suites. Each room has a bed, a TV, mini-bar, toilet, sink, shower.

    Hotel "Edelweiss" is located in the south-east of the city near the route Tashtagol Boulanger with the transition to the track Misty Mountains. Types of rooms of the hotel "Edelweiss": standard rooms, turklass, enhanced comfort. Each room includes: beds, TV, refrigerator, toilet, bathroom.

    Two-storey cottage is located 1 km to Green. Capacity cottage - up to 18 people. A good option to add your company or family. There is a kitchen, bathroom, parking for 5 cars.

    Hotel "Snow" is located at the lower station of the lift section A. Events & "Snow": The hotel has only 16 rooms class apartment consisting of two rooms, a hall, a special room for drying ski clothes. A well-equipped children's room are professional educators.

    Dispensary "Sheregeshsky" is located in the village of Sheregesh, 200 meters from a bus stop near the hotel "Shoria". Types of rooms dispensary "Sheregeshsky": 2x, 3x, 4x turklassa local numbers: 2, 3, or 4 single beds, bedside tables, clothes rack, mirror, toilet, sink, shower - on the floor.

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