Khibiny, winter sports resort from November to June.


    The Khibiny Massif, Khibiny Mountains, Khibinsky Mountains or Khibins, Khibinsky tundras, Khibiny is one of the two main mountain ranges of the Kola Peninsula, Russia, within the Arctic Circle, located between Imandra and Umbozero lakes.

    Kirovsk known as Khibinogorsk until 1934, is a town in Murmansk Oblast, Russia, located at the spurs of the Khibiny Mountains on the shores of the Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr, 175 kilometers (109 mi) south of Murmansk. Population: 28,625 (2010 Census).

    The massif is of oval shape of about 1,300 km2. and occupies the central part of the peninsula at a relative elevation of 9001000 m above the surrounding plain. The mountains are not particularly high; the two highest peaks are the Yudytchvumtchchorr, which stands 1,201 metres (3,940 ft), and the Chasnachorr, which stands 1,191 metres (3,907 ft). The average elevation is 1,116 metres (3,661 ft). The mountains form the shape of a horseshoe topped by a high plateau, drained by a series of deep canyons. The peaks are of plateau type, with steep slopes, with glaciers, icefields and snowfields in some places. The overall terrain is alpine tundra.

    Khibiny mountains are mostly uninhabited, except for one of the world's richest mineral quarries. One of the minerals discovered there is reported to have a potential as a nuclear waste radioactivity absorbent. By the foot of the massif the cities of Apatity and Kirovsk are situated.

    The Khibiny Mountains lie within the Kola Peninsula, a large peninsula extending from northern Russia into the Barents and White seas. The total land area of the peninsula is approximately 100,000 square kilometres (39,000 sq mi). It is rich in minerals due to the removal of a layer of soil during the last ice age

On the photo: Kirovsk (town), known as Khibinogorsk until 1934. And frozen Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr.

Khibiny have an Arctic-moderate climate, with an average winter temperature of -5 C (23 F). However, the temperature can potentially drop to -30 C (-22 F) during the night. The Gulf Stream, which brings warmer water to the Kolsky Peninsula from the north, moderates the climate, making it slightly warmer than other Arctic regions.

Kirovsk is situated on the shore of Lake Big Vudyavr. The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides: from the west, on the opposite shore of the lake - a spectacular community by her looming cliffs on the east - Mount Aikuaivenchorr (Sleeping Beauty), in the hollows of which are the best in the Northwest of the ski slopes, well, in the north - Mania into the Khibiny wide passes. At the entrance to Kirovsk, left the lake stands the bulk array Vudyavrchorr. On the right, from the top to the west stretches Aikuaivenchorr 4-kilometer range, on the northern slopes of which are equipped with the slopes for skiing. Steepness of the slopes varied give the opportunity to find an acceptable solution for downhill skiers, with varying degrees of training.

The duration of the ski season - from November to June. Heavy snow with north winds of the mountain is covered with a thick layer often pereduvaemogo snow that accumulates in depressions on the slopes of many-pillows. They are places all summer, which allows you to ride even in June and July. Best time in Kirovsk, and indeed in the Khibiny - March-April. Lovers of exotic would be interesting to visit these places in December, the New Year, and to admire the northern lights.

The fauna of terrestrial vertebrates Khibiny massif is represented by 27 species of mammals, 123 species of birds, 2 reptiles, 1 species of amphibians. Here are almost all mammals Murmansk region. Some of them are classified as protected or endangered.

Khibiny - the oldest ski resort in Russia, located on the Kola Peninsula (Murmansk) above the Arctic Circle. The relatively low (up to 1200 m), almost treeless Khibiny with their soft and gentle plateau-like topography peaks remain snow-capped most of the year. The duration of the ski season, November to June, but the best time in March or April. In winter it is possible to admire the northern lights. Duration and amplitude of the snow cover, low prices - the main advantages of this resort.

Lifts and focused on the mountains and Kukisvumchorr Aikuaivenchorr framing Kirovsk. Steepness of the slopes varied give the opportunity to find an acceptable solution for downhill skiers, with varying degrees of training.

Total length - 44 km altitude skiing 420-1010 m

In Khibiny are three ski areas:

Aikuaivenchorr mountain, the ski complex "Kolasportland." Length of the route of 30 km, 6 and 1 ski chairlift. The most interesting for skiing slope is serviced by a lift "Latvia" length of 1300 meters on the top and bottom of the cable car has a cafe'. Ski complex "Aykuay" (slope of the back side of the mountain). 3 km length of the route, elevation 550 m, 2 lifts. Kukisvumchorr mountain, located 5 km east of Kirovsk. 8 km length of the route, elevation 520 m, the highest point 890 m Freeride 2-3 km. Route is shorter than on the slopes Aikuaivenchorr Kirovsk, but steeper, so this ski area more loved by snowboarders. There is a giant slalom run (2 km). Serve three yoke.

Most trails Kirovsk (some floodlit) ends almost in the city, you can drive them on public transport. At 1.5 km from the ski lifts array Aikuaivenchorr located hotel "North", "Ekkos", 2 km Hotel "Sport", 200 m Hotel "Khibiny".

Sports resort facilities are not limited to Ski. There are flat trails (about 14 km), snowmobiling, heli-skiing - you can rent a helicopter, fly 04.05 tops and slide down the virgin snow.

In Kirovsk You can visit the museum of stone, historical museum with the memorial of Sergei Kirov, as well as the unique Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden (the northernmost in the world, in his collection of 2.5 thousand plants from all over the world).

Four ski areas: in the Kirovsk (Aikuaivenchorr mountain, the ski complex "Kolasportland"), the ski complex "Aykuay" (slope of the back side of the mountain), 25 km (Mount Kukisvumchorr) and Mount Sparrow in Apatity.

Mount Aykuavenchorr
Length - about 30 km
Lifts - 6 tows and 1 chair
Mogulny track, jumps freestyle
Springboards for skiers jumpers
The most attractive for the fans believe mountainside, lift serviced "Latvia", a length of 1 300 m

Complex "Aykuay"
Vertical drop - 550 m
Length of the tracks - 2.5-3 km
Number of lifts - 2
Capacity - 900 people per hour

Mount Kukisvumchorr
The highest point - 890 m
Vertical drop - 520 m
Length of the tracks - 2-2.5 km
Freeride - 5 km
Number of lifts - 4

Mountain Sparrow, Apatity
Sparrow Mountain is conveniently located in Apatity away from traditional wind Kirovsk and is in the forest belt, which protects the slope from the winds blowing snow. Here is a school ski slope sports school in Apatity.
The length of the slope - 550 m
Vertical drop - 80 m
Kolichesvto lifts - 2
Covered slope, broadcast music
On the contrary, the Aykuayvechorr, the lake, gleaming white mass Vudyavrchorra. Steep cliffs break off the lobby, where there is snow until late May. In late April - early May for these couloirs can take estrimnye runs, but it is associated with a greater risk of getting into an avalanche. Without an experienced instructor here is better not to go.
You can rent a helicopter, fly 5.4 hour tops and perform with them on the slopes unexplored virgin snow.

How to get there:
Train to Apatity, on a car or bus to Kirovsk about 30 minutes.
Plane to Apatity, on a car or bus to Kirovsk.
Plane to Murmansk on the machine to Kirovsk about 3 hours.
Apres-ski and other activities
Restaurant, cafe and bars. Pool. Bowling.
Sports facilities in the region
Paragliding. Snowmobiling. Heli-skiing.
Rink, stadium.

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