Lake Seliger, northwest of the Valdai Hills

    Seliger is a lake in Tver Oblast and, in the extreme northern part, Novgorod Oblast of Russia, in the northwest of the Valdai Hills, a part of the Volga basin. Absolute height: 205 m, area 212 km^(2), average depth 5.8 m.

    Lake Seliger

    Seliger is a large system of lakes linked by effluents, has many small islands and is surrounded by forests, including pine woods with many berries and mushrooms.

    Lake Seliger

    Seliger is situated within a picturesque landscape of forests and hills. The lake is a protected nature reserve and is sometimes known as the "European Baikal" due to the diversity of its unique flora and fauna, similar to Lake Baikal.

    Lake Seliger

    Ostashkov is the only town on the lake and is one of the most popular place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for vacations and/or tourism. in central Russia.

    Lake Seliger

    The Valdai Hills are an upland region in north-west of central Russia running north-south, about midway between Saint Petersburg and Moscow, spanning Leningrad, Novgorod, Tver, Pskov, and Smolensk Oblasts.

    Lake Seliger

    The Volga, the Daugava (the Western Dvina), the Lovat, the Msta, the Dnieper, the Syas, and others rivers originate in the Valdai Hills. The region thus is divided between the drainage basins of the Caspian Sea (the Volga), the Black Sea (the Dnieper), and the Baltic Sea (the Msta and the Lovat via the Volkhov, the Syas via Lake Ladoga and the Neva, and the Daugava).

    Lake Seliger

    These pure and rich fishing waters of its fish stocks are great, their volume, variety and are almost unlimited possibilities for the true lovers of fishing. Deep waters of the Volga and the cleanest lake Verhnevolzhskie wait and experienced in this type of leisure professionals and beginners who have decided to try their luck fishing during the holiday or weekend.

    Lake Seliger

    What could be better and bring a lot of unforgettable pleasure, a beautiful Russian landscape and gambling, as well as a spectacular catch, I think, is a little something to compare. Fishing tourism continues to Seliger year round. In spring and summer, well caught any fish.

    Lake Seliger

    Seliger Lake, like other lakes Vsevolzhya richly most diverse fish. Here live bream, pike, perch, chub, catfish, rudd, carp, whitefish, grayling, saber fish, dace, peled, eel. Bait - a traditional worm. It almost all the fish caught. But the trouble is that in these places is very difficult to get the worm, so you should stock up on them in advance before leaving on a fishing trip.

    Lake Seliger

    Especially famous for its large Seliger predators - pike, zander, perch. For this fish swim here in motor boats of the fishermen, even towns and villages on the shores of Lake Peno. The best place to catch a predator - the rocky island in the middle of the lake. Here, catch him spinning, and even better - the track with subsequent tempering spoons.

    Lake Seliger

    Seliger - is considered one of the most beautiful places in Russia. It is surrounded by pine forests and Valdai is a system of different-sized lakes, which are connected by picturesque canals. Therefore rest in Seliger - is the best option for a trip with family or friends. On page you find all the necessary information. This magnificent Lake District, located just 350 km from the capital, has always attracted the nature lovers from all over the country come here to relax and foreign guests. Today, a variety of tours to Seliger allow everyone to choose for themselves exactly the vacation that best suits their idea of a perfect holiday in the nature.

    Hotels in Seliger (short list)

    The new recreation center Zapolek chopped comfortable cottages surrounded by pine trees with a private beachfront. Base territory is fenced along the coastline there are chopped arbors, benches. There are sports and children's playgrounds, a soccer field, Russian bath, a sauna, a gazebo with a barbecue, a large gazebo with outdoor kitchen, free parking.

    Seliger Zaplave - Recreation center Seliger Zaplave Modern recreation center, which offers a quality vacation. Providing accommodation for seventeen cozy cottages built on the shore of Lake Seliger. Rental of different techniques, paintball playground. Outdoor pool, a nice sandy beach, massage and spa area, a restaurant and even a petting zoo!

    Pachkovo - Recreation center Pachkovo Recreation opened in 2005. Convenient access to the base, with a large area of white sand beach, an outdoor pool, and a sports ground and playground. The territory of groomed and lighted at night. Good restaurant with views of the Seliger. Large selection of boats, snowmobiles and other vehicles. Cottages and rooms in the hotel. Zarucheve

    Pension Zarucheve - Small cozy guesthouse on Lake Volga. Good resting place of parents with children, couples, and people who are tired of the city. Comfort The location, helpful staff, excellent food, parking. Variety of techniques, boats, boats for hire. Nice sauna with Jacuzzi and solarium, spa complex.

    Vselug Park Hotel Complex Park Hotel opened in February 2008, all rooms with new furniture and fixtures. The territory is fenced, guarded, adjacent to the lake. Has its own beach, 20 meters from the hotel, around the pine forest. The complex consists of 2 buildings (only 18 rooms).

    Park Hotel SOM unique in terms of placement and recruitment services rest on the lake whitefish, 6 km from Ostashkov offer you a comfortable accommodation, an excellent restaurant, a bowling alley, a private zoo. Large selection of wellness facilities, including a swimming pool, a hammam and spa. For leisure there is a shooting club, hire a different technology, sports grounds.

    Holiday Village Fishing Village - The base is located on the bank of the lake and Vselug a home in a rustic style. Nice view of the lake, traditional Russian cuisine - great for an inexpensive vacation.

    Recreation center island tourist complex located in the northern part of Lake Seliger in the Valdai National Park. The major reconstruction of buildings and structures in 2008. Own well-kept beach with a pier for boats and catamarans, horse riding, quad bikes and boats. Hunting and fishing.

    Holiday Village Boat modern two storey building with 18 rooms. For accommodation offers one and two-room apartments with all amenities. The residential complex is situated in a pine forest on the bank of Lake Seliger.

    Holiday Village Borovoe small recreation "BOROVOYE" is located on the shore of Lake Peno. Cottages with a set of all necessary for independent living. Only on the basis of seven houses (at 2, 4 and 8). To the lake about 100 meters.

    Reception House Hut Private pension club type offers a 2-storey villas, cottages and French chalet, located in a pine forest on the shore of the lake. This is one of the most comfortable places on Lake Seliger. Restaurant, Russian bath with access to the lake, spa, excellent, well-kept area.

    Hotel Orel 3-storey hotel on the outskirts of Ostashkov on Lake Seliger. Comfortable rooms equipped with everything necessary for living: san. node, a shower, a balcony overlooking the lake, TV, coffee table, wardrobe, dresser and if you want to put an extra bed for your child.

    Country house hotel "Top Seliger" - a comfortable stay at the 4 star level, in a secluded location for couples, families, groups of friends. With the high bank, and with balconies, offer one of the best views of Lake Seliger.

    Palace Hotel "Seliger" - Hotel category "four star" welcomes guests to a classic interior of the old mansion, equipped with modern facilities for a comfortable stay.

    Country hotel Svetlitsa comfort and good service in a pine forest on the shores of Lake Seliger. Next to the hotel is the famous monument of Russian spirituality Monastery "Nil desert." The hotel opened after a complete renovation in 2009. The main body and several VIP cottages are built using modern construction technologies and design solutions.

    Holiday Village Yar Good service, cozy 2-bed rooms with all the amenities, a bar and pool table. Russian sauna with a relaxation room and a tea pavilion by the lake. Private beach. Fishermen are waiting for the boat and smokehouse, and fans of barbecue - Barbecue with a stone canopy and oak table. Many things like billiards and karaoke included vacation.

    Marsh recreation center one of the most modern and comfortable base in the vicinity of Lake Seliger, is located on the shore of Lake Peno in a coniferous forest. Here, the ideal conditions for a civilized family and corporate rest in a reserved part of Russia, where you can breathe plenty pine air and recharge lakes and forests.

    Catherine settlement of private family holiday home cottages, situated at the outskirts of the ancient fishing village of Sloboda, 30 km from g.Ostashkov, right on the two lakes and Sermenok Seliger. Holidays at Lake Seliger and Sermenok - a vacation in a clean area.

    Two cottages in a fenced area in the village between two lakes - Seliger and Sermenok. Boat rental and a private bath. The village is a shop and market. The cottages are located not far from the t / b Falcon, where there are shops and cafes. There you can use the motor-ship and bus tours.

    Recreation center Knyazhev small recreation center was founded in 2005 and continues to grow, located in a remote village, it is well suited for those who want to relax in comfort in a secluded and inaccessible corner Seliger region. Well equipped holiday home for corporate meetings. The village Knyazhev constantly live only 3-4 people, good road there is not, so privacy and quiet resting assured. Shipping back and forth by boat in summer and snowmobile in the winter.

    Guest Houses "Katerina" The large, fenced area of pine trees, newly built two large guest house. Guests of this lovely town can use its own bath and cafe complex or the entire infrastructure pension Sokol - cafes, shops, mini-market.

    Recreation "Seligersky ples" On the shore of the Gulf of Polnovskogo Reach Lake Seliger is recreation. You will rest spacious, bright, chopped cottages, sweating in the Russian bath, eat restaurant (August 1, will be put into operation), play table tennis, boating and catamaran, fry and swim. Resting, you forget about everything. The territory of the base - a peninsula with three sides - Lake Seliger. With this from every cottage with beautiful views. Excellent fishing and hunting, weight of various mushrooms and berries, wild and domestic animals and amazing scenery - not a complete list of our beauties.

    Leisure complex trail complex and active family vacation "Trail" is located in a remote location on Lake Vselug, offering high standards of service, leisure programs and ethno-tourism.

    Cottages in Gorbovo few sturdy log cabins are located on the shores of Lake Seliger, 8 km south of Ostashkov surrounded by mixed forest. The convenient location of houses in Gorbovo combines retreat of the unspoilt nature of Seliger with proximity to all necessary urban infrastructure - shops, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

    Holiday House "Sosnica" is located in the Tver region, on Sosnitskaya Reach, the territory of the complex - a real Russian village. Cottages, which hosts though rebuilt, but amazingly kept the charm and comfort of this antiquity combined with a high level of comfort. Next to the cottage in Sosnica is unique wooden church of St. Herman Stolobensky.

    The new settlement "Beach Dreams" is located along Lake Sterzh and surrounded by forest. Comfortable two-story home with lake views, fully equipped to rest. Each house is equipped with a modern heating system, convenient, and comfortable furniture, modern appliances and utensils, fire and security alarms.

    Holiday Village Holiday Beauty "Beauty" invites you to enjoy the purity of virgin nature and the comfort of cozy cottages, located in Polnovskogo Reach Lake Seliger in the Valdai National Park. Recreation "Beauty" is open all year round, and we look forward to seeing you in the winter and summer, spring and autumn!

    Pension Sokol (so now the name of this recreation center) is located on the territory of 35 hectares in the pine forest on the shores of Lake Seliger. Convenient location, beautiful nature and availability of a large number of excursions promote the popularity of the holiday home

    Cottage in New dace cottage is located in the village of N. dace on ogrozhennoy territory. The house has three bedrooms and a living room.

    Private cottages "Lubava" is located in the village district, not far from the boarding house "Falcon", surrounded by pine trees and 200 meters from the lake Seliger.Mozhno use the infrastructure of recreation.

    New new Ark-round recreation center, located on the border of the Tver and Novgorod regions, on the banks of Lake Seliger Sosnitsky reach, surrounded by pine trees, which starts right after the fence base. The base is located on the outskirts of the village in a fenced area Gorodets of 14 hectares with its own coastline.

    Holiday cottages Seliger motel complex located in a fenced area near the village of continuous on Lake Seliger. Each house has hot water, shower, toilet, stove, fridge, TV, bed linen, kitchen utensils, table games. Complimentary rowing boat, fishing, barbecue, smoke. Each cottage has parking for cars.

    Holiday House Seliger Holiday House is located in a unique location on the island Gorodomlya, in the middle of Lake Seliger. Holiday House offers accommodation in several buildings - some log cabins and rooms in two-story buildings.

    Holiday Svetozar 2-storey spacious log house in the Russian style (refers to the company up to 14 people), located in one of the nicest and cleanest places Seliger (near the village of indirect). The house is located in a fenced area.

    Cottage in a cottage, Sands Private tsilindrovannogo of logs (200 sq ft). The house has three bedrooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms with heated floors, a living room with a fireplace, a spacious veranda. On site there is room. There is a dock. Well-appointed place to swim. Mangal. The house has an Audi and video equipment, satellite TV. Fenced parking for 4 cars, security. Nearby there is a gazebo with a barbecue for banquets and celebrations.

    Holiday Village Antler few completely comfortable wooden cottages located in a fenced area in a quiet location at the confluence of two lakes - Foam and Vselug. The recreation center was founded in 2003. On the base there are 5 comfortable cottages chopped, good cafe, pond, garden, parking lot, playground. At the same time in a recreation "Antler" can accommodate up to 32 people.

    Private cottage in the village of St. Nicholas Horn. A fenced area.

    Seligerskaya plant on the shore of Lake Seliger Polnovskogo Reach is a complex of cottages "Seligerskaya plant." You will rest spacious, bright single-story three-bedroom cottages chopped, sweating in the Russian bath, boating, fry and swim.

    Private pension Greenstone wooden cottages with a small private guest house in the old fishing village situated between three lakes: Lake Seliger, Sermenok and White.

    Recreation center Tretniki Comfortable two-story homes of this new framework of ecotourism is on a peninsula, I keep in Seligersky reach. The territory of the recreation center on two sides by water, thanks to the windows all have views of the lake.

    Champion Holiday Village Holiday Village "Champion" offers everyone a holiday on Lake Volga - one of the most beautiful lakes located near the town of Ostashkov.

    Cottage Coastal Cottage 1 - one of the most beautiful on Lake Seliger, made of large softwood logs processed manually. The smell of fresh wood, excellent plumbing, comfortable furniture, all create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility for any company that will rest in any season. Cottage number 2 - a more democratic, but also more expensive. In spite of this, there are all the conditions for a good holiday fun company or close-knit family.

    Holiday Homes in Zadube standard, each of which is a chopped two-story house with two bedrooms on the first floor, kitchen, terrace, hallway, bathroom and shower room. On the second floor a third bedroom, shower and toilet.

    Birch Cottage House in the village near the district b / o Falcon, shall in whole or in two halves.

    Spruce Cottage Cottage complex "Pine" includes two new 8-bed cottage (commissioned in May 2006), and one 6-bed cottage, built a little earlier - cozy two-story log houses, surrounded by pine trees.

    Three Hands in the cottage cottage is located on Lake Glubochitsa.

    Cottage in Shilovka Cottage for 6 people was built in 2007. Has 3 cozy, comfortable bedrooms on the second floor, large living room studio with a fully equipped kitchen, modern bathroom with all amenities.

    Holiday Pererva Private cottages, located on the shores of Lake Seliger in the village Pererva Novgorod region.

    Lake Seliger

    Can not be ignored and climate Seliger, because so much surprise is hidden under this concept, we advise to read and update your data on Lake Seliger, in general. Most climate in Seliger moist and soft. Summer in these parts is always sunny and warm, the best time to leave and others stay, as noted by tourists. Short-lived, as in these parts are rains are frequent, but do not affect the basic look and beauty of the environment, but only to further decorate it. In these parts is always its own characteristics, spring and summer come here much later, in autumn and winter, and even more so.

    Lake Seliger

    It should also talk about the lake, its composition and so on. The lake water is always warm and pleasant for swimming, warms up quickly. Already in June, the temperature of the top layer is nearly 20 , and in July and the first half of August, the water warms up to 25 . It should be noted that the greatest amount of precipitation also falls in July. Winter is passing on Seliger always smooth, with a few frosts and steady snow cover at least 30 cm below the ice Seliger is about five months. Ice thickness ranges from 30-40 to 60-70 cm

    Lake Seliger

    In the climate of the area, mostly western prevailing winds are considered, as well as south-westerly winds. Just south-west wind, and got the name of the local population, known as' mokrik "with him he usually brings warmth and precipitation. Based on all the above, mainly in Seliger better to visit in June and July, but other months, so do not miss your your presence. Nature and climate, along with the physiological and genetic factors create a favorable environment and have a positive medical and biological effects. Local residents and in old age and retain the ability to work, clarity of thought and memory.

    Lake Seliger

    Seliger among their other features very rich islands that are here in large numbers, then we will look at some of them. This is one of the characteristic features - verdant blue water everywhere on big and small islands. In total, there are around 169 islands. In the center of the lake - a huge island Khachin (31 km?). The larger islands as well - Gorodomlya, cry Zhuravka, Stolbny, Koshelev, scrapers, Staritskiy, Great Bezhachy. On some - Khachin, Gorodomlya, Klichene - in turn, is the inland lakes are connected, usually with each other and with a large lake, so that they can be considered almost as parts of Seliger.

    Lake Seliger

    Khachin Island - the largest island on Lake Seliger. It has an area of more than 3 hectares. From north to south it stretches about 9 km. From west to east 6km. From north to south across the island chain stretches from thirteen lakes. Some of them are of interest because of the very swampy shores (eg Karesovo, Black). Others, such as, for example, both White Lake, Pike, Kobielski are a favorite vacation spot. Of waterfowl note bittern, pretty rare bird, was chosen for himself to nesting beach of the island. Under the cover of the forest continuous thickets blueberries and cranberries, the abundance of mushrooms.

    Lake Seliger

    Gorodomlya island is 6 km. to the north of Ostashkov. The island is 4.4 square meters. km., is closed to the public and is guarded by security services. The island is a settlement Sunny, where most families live custodial workers Enterprise "Star." In the village there are shops, a post office, sauna, library, gym, recreation center, health center, which services can use and vacationers. The external side of the island - a continuous sandy beach.

    Lake Seliger

    Lake Seliger
    Museum of Nature Seliger region

    Seliger gives endless opportunities for environmental and educational tourism. The museum is located in the village of mats.

    The exhibition is located in the former Church of the Transfiguration. Colorful dioramas of landscapes, animals biogroups, fabulous underwater world of Lake Seliger, rare, endangered species of animals listed in the Red Book: muskrat, osprey, white-tailed eagle, golden eagle. All this will leave good memories, will want to help the fragile nature of Seliger, teach carefully treat her.

    Lake Seliger

    Tver Oblast is a region of lakes, such as Seliger and Brosno. Much of the remaining area is occupied by the Valdai Hills, where the Volga, the Western Dvina, and the Dnieper have their source.

    Lake Seliger

    Tver Oblast is one of the tourist regions of Russia with a modern tourist infrastructure. There are also many historic towns: Torzhok, Toropets, Zubtsov, Kashin, Vyshny Volochyok, and Kalyazin. The oldest of these is Rzhev, primarily known for the Battles of Rzhev in World War II. Staritsa was a seat of the last appanage principality in Russia. Ostashkov is a major tourist center.

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