Lake Teletskoye is the largest lake in the Altay Mountains and the Altai Republic.


Lake Teletskoye is the largest lake in the Altay Mountains and the Altai Republic, Russia, and has depth up to 325 meters. Situated at a height of 434 m (1,424 ft) above the sea level, the lake is 78 km (48 mi) long and 5 km (3.1 mi) wide and lies between the mountain ridges Korbu and Al-tyntu, on the junction of the Sailughem Mountains and the Western Sayans. Its surface area is 233 km2 (90 sq mi); however, due to its considerable depth (325 m, 1,066 ft), the lake contains no less than 40 km^(3) (9.6 cubic miles) of fresh water. Annual water level fluctuations are estimated at some 348 sm. The lake transparency is high, with the visibility of the lake water ranging from six to fourteen meters.

The lake contains huge amounts of fresh water for its purity is not inferior to the water of Lake Baikal. Nearly seven dozen rivers flow into the lake, except for a few hundred other smaller periodic sources. Almost all of its drain Lake Teletskoye gives the river Biya, which, in turn, flows into the Ob. Along the coast you can witness the magnificent scenery, steep gorges, creeks, caves and several beautiful bays. Because of very pure water can be seen at the bottom of 15 meters, and in the frozen state as the ice layer is completely transparent.

About 70 rivers and 150 temporary streams flow into the lake, the largest of them, Chulyshman River, supplying more than half of the lake's water. The lake is drained through a single outlet, the Biya River, which, after its confluence with the Katun River, forms one of Siberia's largest rivers, the Ob River.

The lake is surrounded by mountains of 600-1,300 m in the northern part and about 1,700-2,400 m (5,600 - 7,900 ft) in the southern part. Lake Teletskoe is included into Altaisky Nature Reserve. That reserve along with the Katun Natural Reserve and the Ukok Plateau Nature Refuge were listed as one of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites under the name "Golden Mountains of Altai".

In terms of tourism Teletskoye Lake is very popular with tourists. This is one of the most visited sites in the Altai region. Along its shores are 18 tourist camps and bases. Hiking a beneficial effect on the body, and clean air is energizing. But for great fishing here attracts anglers from around the country.

The Altay people have a legend about the name of the lake in their language, which means Golden Lake. According to this story, once, a rich man had a ingot of gold, which he wanted to use to buy food. He travelled around Altai, but could not find anyone who would sell him any food. Eventually, he threw the gold into the lake. This legend is the origin of the name.

Teletskoye lake fills the cavity between the mountain ranges Korb, Altyn-Tu and spurs Abakan Range. The shores of the lake - mountains all covered with forest, large areas of the coastline which snap into the water cliffs. There is a real "age-old" cedar - trees, whose age may actually be hundreds of years old. Mighty forest sites is a windbreak impassable by which vetsya narrow path trodden down tourists. If you go there in good weather, the surrounding peace and quiet broken only by the voices of birds and the noise of the water streams that flow into the lake, forming waterfalls here and there, like waterfalls on the Third River, near Artibash.

To the question: "Can I drive around Lake Teletskoye on the bike?" sometimes jokingly respond that, well, you can, and even in three ways: either at a distance 200 km from the coast, or on the water cycling or winter. But the latter option may not be possible, as the annual ice cover only the northern part of the lake, and the southern, deepest freezes relatively rare, due to the inflow of warm water Chulyshman. Partly for this reason, in the summer the water in the southern part of the lake is warming faster. It happens that in the middle of June, the surface temperature of the water in the southern part of the lake rises to 15-16 degrees, while in general it is a mountain lake is cold all year round, and bathing in it - employment for the amateur. On hot days, vacationers usually dip into the water and then jump out, but sometimes, when a long warm and calm weather, the surface layers of water near the shore can warm up to 18-20 degrees. But the weather here can change several times a day.

There is a field base of Institute of Taxonomy and Ecology of Animals by the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the northwest part of the lake, about 6 km from head water of Biya River. Therein studies are performed of the insect-eaters and rodents of Altai Republic, helminthofauna of vertebrates in biocenoses of taiga, ichthyocenose and animal plankton of Lake Teletskoye. Near the base there is located the research-and-production sport-and-sanitary base of Gorno-Altaisk State University. Tomsk State University carries out its investigation more than 50 years. Many years here work ecologists from the Institute of Water and Ecological Problems by the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and also geologists and archeologists from the Academy. Geomorphologists and geologists scrutinize geological structure of Lake Teletskoye, its paleogeography, age, and origin.

Drive up to the northern part of the lake are the Teles from Biisk in Gorno-Altai Artibash the village. Kemerovo region of the road goes through Tashtagol and Turochak. To the south of Lake Teletskoye drive up to Chuysk to Aktash, turn to Ulagan and then the pass-Yaryk Kathu. On the banks of the Teles lake has many tourist centers and recreation centers and places where you can just get up campground. Parking outside designated areas is prohibited. Most of the eastern shore of the lake is in the territory of the Altai State Nature Reserve, one of the largest reserves in Russia. There's even a stick to the shore for the night is prohibited. But if you make a permit in the village Yaylyu, it is possible to live, of course for a fee, from local residents. Some firms can organize the rest "at the forester." Is a kind of tourism for individual tourists and small groups, in which the influence of anthropogenic factors are minimized.

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Hostels, campsites, tourist facilities, recreation on Lake Teletskoye (Short list)

Manor "Pearl" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Located on the shore of Lake Teletskoye. The three-storey hotel with a year-round rooms on two floors and summer in the attic floor. Balconies overlooking the lake. Bathrooms with shower on the floor. Excursions by boat on the lake.

Guest House "Silver Beach" (Teletskoye lake village Iogach) - Teles lake shore on the edge with. Iogach. Accommodation in the winter 3-storey building and the lodge. His speedboat for 9 people, 2 catamaran winter - snowmobiling. Hiking, rafting Bie, horseback riding. New Year - 2500 number

Manor "Nastya" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Private Estate for family holidays in the village Artibash near the lake. Accommodation in two-storey houses and in the attic. Sauna, excursions on the lake with a stop at the cordons and to waterfalls, walks in the surrounding attractions.

Manor "Orchard" (Teletskoye lake, village Artibash) - Year-round private mansion in the old Artibash on the hill, just below the mountain. In the spring, near two small lakes. Its dining room with rustic foods. Orchard, their horses, tours of the lake and surrounding area. Hunting cabin

Small lounge Pearl "Pearl" (Teletskoye lake, village Artibash) - A quiet beautiful place among the birch trees on a hill in the village near Mount Artibash Tila-Tuu (Pearl). Accommodation in a 2-storey summer houses without amenities and year-round cottage,. Excursions to Lake Teletskoye n

"Homestead Yudina" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - A quiet place under a mountain village Artibash overlooking the rocky ledges near the silver source. Manor is ready to take the family business for 12. A bathroom with a shower in the house. New cedar house for 5 people. Bath, parking lot, garden

Camping Istok "Source" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - The cedar forest on the bank of the river Biya 1 km from the Teles lake. Year-round homes and summer cottages. Quiet location away from population centers. Training room of 150 m2. Its excursions, rafting, bike, holding festivals

Cottage "Ritol" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Cozy 2-storey mini-hotel in the center of the village Ritol Artibash above the road and away from the noise. Accommodation in three rooms. Bathroom with shower, a kitchen with a stove on the first floor of the cottage. Trips, summer and winter hiking.

hostel "Goldfish" (Teletskoye lake village Iogach) - cozy and comfortable year-round complex on the bank of Biya, not far from its source, close to the lake. Evening light. Accommodation in comfortable rooms. Sauna with a swimming pool, boat excursions.

hostel "Ivan" (Teletskoye lake village Iogach) - Manor on the banks of Ivan Yuzhakova Teles lake in the center of the village Iogach. This is a tourist complex with friendly owner and wait staff. Walking around the lake, rafting Biya, hiking in the caves, climbing sightseeing tops.

Paradise Manor "Cedar paradise" (Teletskoye lake, village Iogach) - A quiet beautiful place among the pine forest on the hill, orchard, meadow and cedar mansion, made of cedar. The house has a dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, a shower with hot-cold water, toilet.

near Mount Manor "Houses under the mountain" (Teletskoye lake, village Iogach) - Calm quiet place at the foot of the village Kebetek Iogach 200 meters from the Teles lake. The two-storey house. 4 places in the winter. Space for parking, sauna, sightseeing boat.

Altin Camp Kael "Waves Altyn Kael" (Teletskoye lake village Iogach) - Warm comfortable rooms from 450 rubles / day per person. Rest on the bank of the Teles lake. Walks, trips on the lake. Accommodation all year round.

Recreation center Altyn-Ay Holiday "Altyn-Ay" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - A small base in a quiet place, away from the road. Near begins the ascent to Mount Tila-Tuu. Year-round occupancy.

Village Holiday Village "Lagoon" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Year-round comfortable accommodation. Cafes, food to choose from. Sauna. Teletskoye lake at 100 meters. Access to a large clearing in front of the lake. Variety of discounts.

surf Manor "Teletsk surf" (Teletskoye Lake) - Year-round homestead in the village Iogach, to relax on the Teles lake. The comfortable rooms in the new cottage. Boat trips on Lake Teletskoye on their own boats.

"Homestead Safronov" (Teletskoye lake village Iogach) - Manor with excellent views of the lake and Teletskoye Biya. A separate guest house. Year-round occupancy.

Guest House "on the foothill" - located on the banks of the picturesque river Iogach, surrounded by forest, 500 meters from the Teles lake. Ideal for those who want to retire from the madding crowd. Walking, water, horse and auto-walking, fishing, etc. It is convenient for seminars and trainings.

Tourcomplex Biyskaya Zavalinka Tourist Complex "Biyskaya Zavalinka" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Tourist Complex "Biyskaya Zavalinka" is located on Lake Teletskoye, p. Artibash Biya River is 160 km. From Gorno-Altai.

Recreation center Teremok Recreation "Tower" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Sweetheart comfortable base located at the foot of the mountains, away from the road and just 15 minutes from the Teles lake. Cottage with a bathroom (WC, shower, sink), two cedar house with indoor plumbing. Sauna with a swimming pool.

Holiday Village Holiday "Sun Hill" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Year-round base in Artibash "Sunny Hill" by 22-25 seats offers accommodation in well-appointed cottages with views of the lake. The property owners base 3 horse and three boats, possible excursions.

Cordon "Kakaiha" (Teletskoye Lake) - Base of 2 cottages in a secluded spot on the banks of the Teles lake, 4.5 km from the Artibash and 1 km from the Altai reserve. Wilderness. Catamarans and leisure boats are issued free of charge. Tours by Teletskoye. 500 p. / Pers. / Day

Cottage "Antar" (Teletskoye lake village Iogach) - A two-storey cottage on the Teles lake. Year-round occupancy. On each floor there are two rooms connected by a large glass-enclosed veranda overlooking the lake. Kerov room with a veranda.

Manor "Vlasovs" - a picturesque location on the banks of the Teles lake, where the river originates Biya. Comfortable two-storey house for 6-8 persons, on the ground floor - a room with a fireplace. Triple over bath with beautiful views of the lake.

Altyn Kol Holiday "Altyn Kol" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Holiday on the shore of Lake Teletskoye, away from the bustle of the village Artibash. New wooden casing with comfortable rooms, the grounds, overlooking the lake, a peaceful retreat in nature in comfort.

Yurtok hostel hostel "Yurtok" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Camp "Yurtok" is located on the bank of a mile from the Biya Teles lake near the village of Artibash. Warm houses with suites and VIP, summer houses, bungalows, permanent tents. Large program of active tours.

Guest house Tabakaevyh "Guest House Tabakaevyh" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Countryside Manor in 50 meters from the shore of Lake Teletskoye. The hosts have cows and chickens, grow organic household products, engaged in wood carving and made souvenirs. Offering tours of Lake Teletskoye. From 400 rub. / Person / day. New Year 2013 on teletskoye: Comfortable house for 10 people 10000 rub. / Day

Guest house "Eden House" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Comfortable all-weather comfortable 3-storey house for 10 people from cedar logs on the bank tsilindrovannogo Teles lake. A view of the lake. Gross rental house 6300 rub. a day. Room rate from 650 rub. / Day. person.

Manor on spring Manor "on spring" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Summer homestead in the village Artibash a 10-minute walk from the Teles lake, a large meadow next to the pine forest and the spring. Two-story house with 16 seats, a bath. Preferential Child! Adults - 350 rub. / Day. Discounts for those who dropped in on Monday!

Manor Spiridonovny "Homestead Spiridonovny" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Large comfortable village house with Russian oven for 9 persons, sauna, and a brand new cottage for 12 people. A bathroom, a shower, there is always hot water. More area under the mountain, close to restaurants. View of Teletskoye.

Tourcomplex Pilgrim Tourist Complex "Pilgrim" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Tourist Complex is located in the center with. Artibash 200m from oz.Teletskogo on a hill in the forest, with stunning panoramic views of the lake. Cozy 2-storey house for 6 people for families. Bath, BBQ, boating, hiking, horseback riding, road trips.

Manor under a cedar "House under a cedar" (Teletskoye lake village Kebezen) - Private Estate on the edge of the village Kebezen Biay river about 20km from the Teles lake. Two guest houses on 4 and 5 people in the shadow of the 200-year old cedars. Ideal for families with children. Garden furniture, BBQ, sauna, pool, hammock, sandpit. Rent house a day - from 700 rub. / Whole house

Guest House "on teletskoye" (Teletskoye Lake) - Rest of his company at 20 m from the Teles lake. The house has running water, electricity. Excursions on the lake, fishing, a trip to the vanishing source. You can order a hot lunch at the house owners. Rent a home 1500 r. / Day (5 seats).

Park Hotel "Biya reserve" (village Artibash) - The Park Hotel in a quiet location on the banks of the river Biya, 2, 5 km from Artibash. Cedar two-story house with a heated attic, spacious rooms and a large living room on the first floor, with all the amenities in the rooms, all the beds in the apartments are made of cedar.

Recreation center Tilantu Holiday "Tilantu" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Holiday Tilantu located 500 m from the lake at the foot of the Teles review g.Tilantu at artificial lake. Accommodation - in separate houses, different in comfort and price. There is a summer and year-round options.

Guest House "Swallow's Nest" (village Artibash, Teletskoye Lake) - New summer house of cedar at the entrance to. Artibash, 30 m from the Teles lake. With a large terrace offers a beautiful panoramic view of the lake. 2 rooms with a total capacity of 7 people. Russian sauna, BBQ, horseback riding, hiking, rafting Bie, boating on the lake and fishing.

Cottage "Pallas Athena" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - A new cottage for 9 seats for VIP-leisure, family, corporate holiday. On the bank of the Teles lake. Bath included, dock, with the ability to travel across the lake from the territory of camp sites. Rent a whole.

Holiday Village Manor Vilisova Holiday "Homestead Vilisova" (village Artibash, Teletskoye Lake) - Private Estate in Artibash under a mountain of Tila-Tuu. Cottage, with 6 rooms with a fireplace, a cafe-dining room with a pool and phytocask, satellite TV, DVD, Karaoke. Tours of the lake and surrounding Teletskoye.

Manor "Cedar" (village Artibash, Teletskoye Lake) - A new two-storey cottage of cedar lumber has a quiet location surrounded by woods s.Artybash 100 meters from the Teles lake. A quiet relaxing holiday with family or friends from May to October. Plumbing, Russian sauna, barbecue, children's sandpit, horseback excursions and water on the lake and boating. Next - large campings with entertainment infrastructure. Cottage is leased entirely - 1800 rub. / Day.

"Spring" (village Iogach, Teletskoye Lake) - The mansion is located on a hill above the lake at the foot of Tedletskim mountain s.Iogach. Cedar Cottage for 9 people waiting for guests from May to October. Beautiful panorama Teles lake, quiet, healthy air, garden furniture, BBQ, sauna, walking on the lake and boats, and excursions. 350 p. / Day.

Manor "Chagat" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Year-round homestead on the banks of the river near its source Biya of Teles lake. On the territory of three cottages (4-6 main places) with double rooms, playground, sauna. Hosts free for guests guided tours in the area.

Guest House "The Pancake" (Teletskoye lake, village Artibash) - Located in a very scenic location on the lake. The base is in the center of the village Artibash, at the foot, across the street from the Teles lake. The guest house was built in the same area with a cozy pancake house, hence the name. Cdayutsya warm rooms n

Village Holiday Village "Rainbow" (village Turochak) - A new year-round recreation on the river Biya, 70 kilometers from the Teles lake. Accommodation in a comfortable two-story house, a 2-seater rooms (600 rub. / Pers. / Day) Bath, fishing for grayling and trout in the river Biya.

Guest House "Elan" (Teletskoye lake, village Artibash) - Free 23 February. Located on the shores of the lake Teletskoye Artibash village. Two storey houses shall entirely. In one of the houses have a fireplace. At the base there is a 5-passenger boat

Hotel "Eden" (Teletskoye lake, village Artibash) - Eden Hotel complex is located near the village. Artibash on the shore of Lake Teletskoye. Vacationers are located in four buildings comfortable year-round and summer cottages. Petting zoo, tours, travel by snowmobile and ATV, fishing, rafting, cruise on Lake Teletskoye on comfortable boats

Castle Estate "Old Castle" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Camp "Old Castle" is located on the shore of the lake Teletskoye Artibash village. Base year round. Vacationers are placed in two well-equipped buildings. An extensive excursion program.

Tourist Complex "Golden Lake" (Lake Teletskoye, village Artibash) - One of the oldest and most famous tourist centers in the Altai Mountains, is located on the north bank of the Teles lake. In recent years was reconstructed hotel complex, designed active routes and excursions.

hostel "Estyuba" (Teletskoye Lake) - Tourist Village "Estyuba" is on the shore of the lake Teletskoye Delta Large Estyuba. Accommodation in two-storey houses made of cedar logs from the stove. Excursions to waterfalls, to the stone bay, to the caves. Bath and fishing.

Hotel "Artibash" (Teletskoye lake village Artibash) - Hotel is located at the entrance to the. Artibash, at the source of Biya, 200m from the Teles lake. The well-appointed rooms from "standard" to "luxury" restaurant, Russian sauna, service and comfort, excursions.

Camping "Kyrsay" (Teletskoye Lake) - Summer camp site "Kyrsay" in the south of the lake Teletskoye confluence Chulyshman. Accommodation in lodges-ailah cedar lumber without amenities. Tours of the Falls Uchar, rafting Chulyshman, boating on the lake. Bath.

Camping "Altyn-Tuu" - Summer camp at the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye. Accommodation in 2-berth cabins, bungalows and two-story cottages with no amenities. Bath, a walk around the lake on a boat, excursions to the Valley Chulyshman and fishing.

Camping "Karagai" (Teletskoye Lake) - Camping "Karagai" - is a small hostel, located on the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye near the confluence of the rivers Chulyshman. Camp consists of three-storey buildings year-round and summer houses 20 double-bungalow

Manor "Camaino" (Teletskoye Lake) - Manor in southern Teles lake on an island in the delta Camaino Chulyshman. 1-2-storey houses with no amenities with rooms for 2-4 places. Russian bath with steam room, summer showers, playground, dining room, rental of rowing boats, satellite phone, Excursion

Teletskoye Lake - one of the most visited places in the Republic of Altai. Holidaymakers take the camp sites and caravan sites. Conducted hiking, water, bicycle, air and road trips. In addition, many tourists come to the lake for fishing. The right side of the lake - the territory of the Altai State Nature Reserve (AGPZ), but of the villages on the northern end of the lake (Artibash, Iogach) season navigation go boat and motor boats to several local attractions: Waterfall Korb (Visit with permission AGPZ. Issued on the spot .) Stone Bay (local legend - a round crater of a meteorite on the left bank. real cause of education - a landslide from a nearby mountain) Delta Chulyshman; Waterfall Kishta.

It has been known for a long time that there are gold in placers and bedrock deposits in the Altay. The Geomorphologists from Tomsk State University works in the Teletskoye geology-prospecting detachment searching for gold-placers. They managed to establish a new search criterion for a placer. The base for the discovery were the palaeoglaciological studies during the last few years and theoretical models of the diluvial morpholithogenesis. The content of the precious component is everywhere much higher than the lowest accepted industrial standard, sometimes itís tremendous.

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